Fee Schedule for Lost keys and Unregistered accounts2018-11-22T16:44:39+00:00

Fee Schedule for cases related to Lost Private Keys and Unregistered accounts

Fees for cases involving the following:

  1. Lost EOS Private Keys where the EOS account in question has had no transactions taken using the genesis private key (all other cases fall under the General Arbitration Fee Schedule)
  2. EOS accounts that failed to register their ERC-20 EOS tokens prior to the launch of the EOS MainNet

Arbitration will be charged at 15% of the total claimed value.

For this class of cases no Filing Fee will be due. Instead claimants will be expected to pay the full amount due (15% of the total claimed value) at the onset of the case.

For more information about our fees for general Arbitration please see our General Arbitration Fee Schedule.

Method of Payment

ECAF will only request you to transfer funds to one of these two accounts:


WARNING: Do not transfer funds to any other account! Requests for payments to any other EOS account or exchange accounts are fraudulent requests! ECAF will not accept liability for funds transferred to different accounts.

Collection of Fee

  • Claimants will submit a filing via ECAF’s file a claim page: http://eoscorearbitration.io/file-a-claim/
  • ECAF’s Case Managers will then review the filing. Once the Case Manager is satisfied that no additional information is required they will contact the claimant to submit the Fee with an appropriate memo to: ecafescrowww
  • Once the Fee is successfully received, the case will be marked as accepted by the forum and await assignment to an Arbitrator