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Submit a Claim to the ECAF

A Filing Fee is due on the submission of a case. The Case Manager assigned to your case will contact you regarding payment. The Fee Schedule can be found here..

Claims related to EOS ERC20 Crowdsale tokens will be rejected.

Lost Private keys claims will be rejected. 

See the “EOS Tokens” section of the ECAF FAQ for details.

Questions related to ERC20 token registration, tokens sent to wrong addresses or to the crowdsale contract address, ERC20 or EOS-main-net tokens lost to phishing or malware attacks, etc. should be directed to public EOS technical support sources:
EOS Project Telegram forum, located at:
EOS Go Forums:

Reminder:  The ECAF will not ask for your private keys through a website form.  There are other ways of proving your ownership of a key without exposing your private keys.